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System "Mini"

Technical Note



The "Mini" Occupancy Sensor CUBI has two excellent properties:

  • It is highly sensitive, so that it can even detect the breathing motion of a sitting person.
  • Its range of view is limited, background motion is completely cut off as if there was an invisible wall.

Therefore it is especially suited for detecting the presence of people at the desks.

The "Mini" Occupancy Sensor PIR works with modern digital technology:

  • The sensor needs no longer than 5 sec to start operation after power-on (other sensors need 30..60sec).

Both "Mini" sensors have an identical interface.



"Mini" occupancy sensors are delivered with a 3,5mm stereo headphone plug, serving for both power supplying and output signal (see figure).

Power Supply:

The sensor is supplied with a stabilized DC voltage of +5V (+/ 5%). (Current consumption: see sensor data sheet)

Output Signal:

The output signal SOUT is active high (high="presence"). It is supplied by a CMOS output circuitry with a series resistor of 10k for short protection.

After Power-On the sensors begin operation in "absence" state. (SOUT=Low)