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Technical Note

Comparison to PIR


Compared to a traditional PIR (Passive-Infrared-Sensor) the new CUBI-Sensor provides superiority especially at individual work desks.

Coverage: PIR Coverage
  • angle of view depends on the lens
  • no real range limitation
  • ranges may be 10m (30 ft.) or more
CUBI Coverage
  • angle of view 60°
  • range exactly adjustable (real background suppression)
  • max. range 2m (6.5ft.)
  • responds to body heat
  • motion must cross the optical pattern
  • standard sensitivity, decreases with increasing distance (some cm-dm / inches-feet)
  • responds to all objects that are large enough
  • motion must go to or from the sensor
  • super sensitivity inside the whole coverage (2mm / 0.1", detects breathing motions of a person sitting quietly!)
Response Time:
  • fast (approx. 0.2sec)
  • slower because of the multiple tests (approx. 1sec)
  • non
  • up to 3 CUBIs can operate in the same room
  • do not use this sensor together with ultrasonic sensors from other manufacturers in the same room
  • no interference with PIR sensors
  • for indoor and outdoor use, because the lens covers the sensor completely
  • for indoor use only, because the ultrasound transducer can not be covered
  • hallways, entrances, warehouses (automatic lights)
  • alarm systems
  • office desks (energy saving)
  • workshops / labs (fire prevention while persons absence)
  • proximity switch (e.g. mirror lighting, scent management)