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... somebody is moving!"

What's so special about us? The CUBI!

CUBI @ Desk

The CUBI is a fusion of a super sensitive motion detector and a proximity sensor based on Ultrasound Echo Technology. There is nothing better for detecting the presence of a person at a desk. More about Ultrasound Echo Technology ...

You probably know PIRs ("Passive InfraRed" sensors), here is a comparison CUBI vs. PIR ... BTW: We also do PIRs.

System "Mini":

'Mini' CUBI

Ready-to-use CUBI and PIR sensors assembled with mini phone plugs (interface details ...). Simple no-tools installation with Velcro.

Available without Timer ("Basic" type) and with adjustable Timer ("Classic" type).

items and prices ...

Sensor Modules:

CUBI Module

To be integrated into your products.

Optionally equipped with a mechanical tact switch.

items and prices ...

Special Solutions:


On special request we adapt our sensors to your needs.


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